Saturday, August 29, 2009

Does God Like You?

Last night, I overheard a conversation between Mattea and Paloma. Mattea was upset that Paloma wasn't sharing a certain book with her. Paloma was frustrated because Mattea was bugging her and trying to bully her.

I tried to tell the girls to calm down, back up and use their words to communicate their feelings rather than get frustrated with each other and then eventually have someone bit or hit.

Out of Mattea's mouth I hear "Ahhhhh, God doesn't like you" to Paloma.

After I stepped out of the room to chuckle, I then proceeded to explain to Mattea that God still likes/loves us even when we don't do things right or share, or we make mistakes. It is sad to think that it is not just 4 year old minds that believe that God may not like us due to different situations.

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