Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Using Your Cuteness

It's a good thing you are cute as pie Paloma because right now you are driving your momma nuts. Really, if you think your 2 year old tantrums are going to shock me - think again. Remember, you have an older sister.


Kim said...

Try having 15 kids (none of which of them are mine) driving you crazy!! Only 15 days to go for me. You on the other hand have 16 years left--good luck with that :-)

Anonymous said...

This picture is absolutely adorable!

Uncle Mike

Michelle said...

Great to see you and Dave at the park today. Sorry it was so chaotic!

Hope work went well tonight. Have I told you recently that I admire you're a full time mommy (many times single-parent) and you work too?!?

Big Hugs (or should I say cuddles) to all of you!