Friday, May 1, 2009

My Little Paloma

I meant to do this post last week - but have decided that since I have much cuter pictures this week - I'll post now.
So my little Paloma happens to be in the heart of terrible two's. She is so sweet and adorable, yet sassy, conniving, and downright mean sometimes. Through it all, we love her to pieces. And as a mother on her second round, none of this behavior is surprising me - nonetheless, I don't like one bit of it. Here is an example of what little Polly Rae has been up to.

The other day after supper, Paloma excused herself down from the supper table and went into the bathroom to pee. Mattea followed her in - the concerned mother hen that she is. Suddenly after a couple of minutes Mattea runs out of the bathroom screaming, followed by Paloma with an article waving in her hand. At first there were shrieks, giggle, laughter, but it quickly turned into anger as Mattea got bored with running circles around the dining room table.
Finally, I stopped the nonsense to figure out what was going on. Not sure that was the best thing to do since I quickly discovered that Paloma was chasing her big sister around waving the toilet paper at her that she had used to wipe herself after going potty. Ummmm - gross! What a turkey.

Then, the other day while Dave was away on travel, I was making the girls there afternoon lunch. Cutting up the last of the strawberries, I served them on a plate with whip topping. They looked so good that I decided right then and there that I would place the leftovers in my yogurt/granola. Yep, that was what mom was having for lunch. And as much as I really wanted the girls to finish the strawberries, I did make a point to tell them that whatever they didn't eat, mom would finish.
After stepping away for 1.35 min to use the bathroom, I come out to find Paloma throwing strawberries (the strawberries that I made a point of noting would be used in my lunch) all over my kitchen. Yep, strawberry stain everywhere. Pretty much felt like choking her at the time. All she did was turn to me and smile.

Even though Paloma has been potty trained since 22 months, we have had some regression issues. Neither Dave or myself are pleased about it but we're dealing with it. Lately, if we are out and about I'll put a pull up on because she simply doesn't even try on some days. If she is around the house - she is butt naked. Her latest thing has been pooping her pants and then turning to us and giggling - all while telling us "I poop my pants, i poop my pants."

And finally, the latest two year old story I have to share from just this past week involves teeth, tears, and tantrums.
Paloma has recently discovered that she is full of frustration. I believe that her mind is one step ahead of her body. And, having a big sister around who is able to do things she isn't able to do doesn't necessarily help the situation. Well, Mattea and Paloma have recently had some issues with sharing, playing nice, etc. Paloma has kind of become a tyrant and a bossy little thing. Mattea has kind of had it and is refusing to be the caring, loving big sister that she knows she is supposed to be. They fight - basically what I'm trying to say.
Just the other day, Mattea apparently did or didn't do something Paloma didn't like so to vent that built up frustration, Paloma bit her. She has been doing this for awhile and clearly knows biting is not allowed. At that point I had had it and finally said to Mattea "bite her back."
Didn't take more than a few seconds for Mattea to process the command and then follow through. Paloma stopped for a moment, grabbed her arm and uttered "me no like that!"
Maybe now you'll learn your lesson.

Don't get me wrong, my little P is cute as pie and on most days has a terrific heart - but lets just get honest - we are in the heart of "terrible two's." Times they are a challenging. I had a mom try and tell me once that she didn't believe in the terrible two's - she just thought it all had to do with the parenting style. Poop on you sister, I'm living proof that no matter how you parent, the terrible two's are real. They are nothing to be messed with. They are emotionally draining and downright exhausting. Too bad for her I've already been down this road and have a few tricks up my sleeve on how to survive them. Been there done that honey love!

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Kim said...

Oh, Miss Paloma! She has quite the personality, but you can't be mad too long with those big beautiful eyes of hers!! You and Dave will continue to find new ways to deal with her "challenging" behaviors :-)