Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

Just a few photos from Mother's Day this past weekend. Here is hoping all you mother's had a glorious and wonderful day of celebration.
I'm a big fan of Mother's Day. For me it far surpasses my birthday as far as importance goes. I think what we do as women goes completely unnoticed sometimes. Carrying a baby for 9 months may not seem like a big deal because hundreds and thousands of people do it every day. But, it is a big deal. It is a very big deal. Labor & delivery - big deal! Sleepless nights - big deal. Breastfeeding - big deal. Thousands of loads of laundry - big deal. Potty training - for heaven's sake - big deal. Do you get my point?
I'm not here to put down men and the role that they do or don't do. Father's Day is equally as important in my book because I think father's have extremely difficult and selfless role as well. I'm just here to simply call attention to the little things that mom's do day in and day out.
Who refills the soap dispenser when it is empty -mom. Who has an endless amount of band aids in the cupboard for those unexpected booboo's - mom. Who washes laundry and makes sure there are cleans socks and underpants for school the next day - mom. Who packs the backpack makes sure you have a "share" to bring on Thursday - mom. Who vacuums neurotically every day to make sure your house doesn't stink like a farm due to two unruly dogs - mom. Who takes you to soccer, swimming, gymnastics, etc. - mom. Who combs your hair every morning when you scream bloody murder over the endless amount of tangles - mom. Who always makes sure your nails are cut and not long enough to collect dirt under them - mom. Who tries to teach you right from wrong, steering you toward Jesus and away from earthly desires - mom. Who buys you carrots when you ask for them for a week straight - mom.
Overkill? maybe. I don't expect a medal, a big reward, a trophy, or even a massage for the big and little things that I do daily. It all goes into being a mother. We all do it. But, it is nice that one day out of the year, attention gets called to us and all that we do day in and day out. Celebrate motherhood - as exhausting as it is. No other job you do is as important as raising children.
So.... here is a rundown on my Mother's Day.

Dave and I taught Sunday School in the morning, so the family and I quickly gathered for a few pictures before tromping out to the car and making our way to church.

Quick pose with the girls in front of my hanging baskets I received. I think it is becoming a tradition to give me hanging baskets for Mother's Day. I've always wanted a porch to hang hanging baskets. Pink, my favorite color.

After church we headed out to a local winery and had brunch. Spent the afternoon outside listening to live music, enjoying brunch along with chocolate fondue, and a jump house for the kids.

Couldn't resist splashing in the water. Then it was home for relaxation and naps - for the kids not the adults of course.

Here is hoping you all had a wonderful, relaxing, stress free day. Happy Mother's Day.

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