Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happiness Is....

Can you see the smile on this sweet girl's face? She is in heaven right now over the new bike that her daddy bought her this past weekend. She wants to ride it daily - sometimes on multiple occasions. I love seeing her face when she walks outside and says "lets ride bikes together mama!"

Last night I had the pleasure of doing just that. David took Paloma to Lowes to finish picking up some landscape goods which left me with my sweet little Mattea all to myself. What were we going to do I asked - ride bikes of course. Mattea jumped all over it and had her helmet on before I had a chance to say GO.

Let me just preface this paragraph by saying part of this bike ride was absolutely agonizing since I coasted the entire way BUT the time we spent together was absolutely priceless. You see, Mattea has quickly developed a fear of curbs and when it comes time to cross a street she gets off her bike to walk claiming the bumps "hurt her privates." Yes, you can see how time consuming that gets. We are constantly crossing streets but I certainly wouldn't want my little M's privates to hurt so I go along with it. She talked about nothing in particular and commented on how she liked every ones flowers. As we circled around to head home, she protested by shouting "I want to go longer. I'm a big girl, I want to ride more."

Next time sweet girl.

I loved the time Mattea and I got to spend together. I so crave that one on one time with my kids that I seem to have lost in the past year or so. As hard as I try, I just don't get that coveted time with them. They are currently inseparable and where one goes, the other will follow. That's not a bad thing but sometimes it is nice having concentrated one on one time. It's my goal this summer. But in the meantime, I'm going to simply relish this most beautiful smile.

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