Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby Announcement!!!!!!

Dave and I have some very exciting news to share with everyone. We didn't really want to share this kind of news on our blog but decided that it was soooo big and sooo exciting, we couldn't wait to tell everyone in person.
We are expecting - aaaahhhh! That's right everyone, we are expecting -a new nephew.

Ha! Had you fooled. For anyone who doesn't know me, my uterus is done. But that doesn't stop me from getting all giggled up over the upcoming news of my new nephew. My sister is about 20 weeks along and found out today that she is having another boy.

Everything looks great! Heart working good, kidneys functioning, growing like a weed BUT they did find two cysts on his brain. Could be indicative of complications but more than likely they will result in nothing. If you could so graciously pop over to my sister's blog and let her know you are at this very moment thinking about her and her sweet little boy that would be great. Also, prayers are always welcome.

Let's bring this little guy into the world in style.

Apparently God really knew how much I couldn't handle a boy and sent all the boy genes her way. What are the chances?


Michelle said... got me.
Btw, LOVE the new big pic of you and the gals. Cute dress momma!

Emily said...

ahhh! So exciting!!

Kim said...

Thanks for the awesome post! Michelle and Emily both stopped over and left some super sweet comments! Today was a better day and I'm finding the support that this will turn out to be great! So things are looking a lot brighter today and I'm getting used to the thought of two baby boys!!

Anonymous said...

You really got me crazy girl!!!! My jaw literally dropped as I was reading your blog... My prayers are definitely with your sister and her new baby boy..Love Ya Lucy