Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gaduation Day

The day had come - I knew it would but was in denial about how fast it would arrive. Tonight marked Mattea's graduation from preschool.
What an amazing year it has been. Mattea has made some great friends, memorized some great scripture, learned some fun songs, and learned some good life lessons. She attended a Christian Preschool than not only instilled in her the ability to write her own name, but to learn more about Jesus and the relationship that she can have with Him. She was blessed to be in a class with some friends that she had already known which made the year even better. Her teachers did a fantastic job and can't be thanked enough for the hard work and dedication that went into educating our children.

Mattea was shy in front of the crowd during her first program which occurred at Christmas time. I didn't think this would go over any better since dad wasn't able to be in the audience. But to my surprise, she did great - even nailing down her all important one liner in the program "O - Oh I like playing in the sand." I couldn't be more proud.

The kids sang songs, told nursery rhymes and recited scripture for us.

And finally the program was complete, the certificates handed out and the goodbyes said. Then it was time to move on to fellowship hour - where cake and punch were promised. I made Mattea take a few pictures before she moved on to cake - full well knowing that her dress wouldn't withstand the chocolate icing.
Good Job Mattea
We are proud of you!

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Kim said...

Congratulations on all your hard work, Mattea!