Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Passing Time

Today was a beautiful spring day & we made sure to take full advantage of it.
With not a cloud in the sky, we headed outside after nap time for a little "nature hike" to pass time until dad came home.

There is a park across the street from our house - but it literally has a few leaves, some sticks, moss, and a few hidden treasures within it. The girls always think it is a big deal to go for their "nature hike." Good thing they packed their buckets with them this time.

Currently, both girls are obsessed with moss. They love looking at it, touching it, picking it, growing it.... Yeah - kind of weird. Anyways, the above picture is of Paloma's finds. She picked up some moss, some leaves, and a golf ball.

Mattea's bucket - of course - was overflowing with things like moss, leaves, sticks, "seeds" for her birds, and this weird red headband she found in the tree. They were both pleased with their finds and couldn't wait to come home and "plant their moss" in the garden. Oh, we can almost feel spring around the corner.....


ann said...

Hey! Thanks for playing. I love reading those! How fun that you guys are going to Disney!! We had plans to go last year-but Andrew happened instead :)

Kim said...

Oh, that sounds and looks so nice! Wish we could say the same here--but it's been very cold!