Monday, February 23, 2009

Crazy Guys, Rainbows, and More

As the girls and I were driving in the car this evening to meet daddy for his birthday dinner at a fabulous Mexican Restaurant, I commented on this beautiful rainbow that appeared after a very light rain.

Me: Hey girls, look out your window at this pretty rainbow. Do you know who makes rainbows.

Mattea: God

Me: That's right, God makes rainbows

Suddenly, both Mattea and I hear a blurbish whisper coming from Paloma's carseat, "dkladirue, soiejrlksekl"

Me: What did you say Loma?

Mattea: She said the crazy guys.

Me: What crazy guys?

Mattea: Loma, do you mean the crazy guys made the rainbow?

Paloma: Yes!

Me: Paloma who are the crazy guys?

Paloma: Jejus and Dod

Me to Mattea: What is she saying back there?

Mattea: Jesus and God mom - those are the crazy guys who made the rainbow.

No reply!

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Kim said...

Heather, what have you been teaching that girl :-)