Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Day At Rafiki

This morning, our family packed up and headed to an ultra posh indoor play center called Rafiki. I had heard of it from all my other mother friends, but had never had the opportunity to frequent myself. Super cool. We decided that is how we would spend Mattea's birthday.

There was so much to do and each child was able to navigate to their particular area of interest. In one corner there were baby dolls, groceries, kitchen sets, etc & in another corner there were dress up clothes, books, a train table, arts & crafts. In the back they had a climbing structure which enabled the kids to exert some serious energy.

The great thing was that Dave and I cold hang out on one of the leather couches, enjoy a latte, and talk about non-kid matters.

We will definitely be heading back soon.


KLRieber said...

That is a great picture of you and Matty!!! Tell her Happy Birthday for me! Too bad you guys weren't here to have another Princess Party... :)

Kim said...

Glad it was a fun day! She is looking so grown up!