Sunday, February 8, 2009

Paloma's Plug

I have been adding snipits of conversations with Mattea and titling them "Mattea Moments." Funny little things she says that I do not ever want to forget. Well, most recently, my youngest Paloma has started adding to the conversations with her vast vocabulary. So to give her credit where credit is due, I now present "Paloma's Plugs."

In a recent car ride to pick up her sister, I cranked up the "Veggie Tales" at Paloma's request. In one of the songs, the word Heaven was used repeatedly. Paloma pipes up from the back seat "whaz heaben" (what's heaven).

I replied "It's where Jesus lives. Are you going to live in heaven some day?"

Quick to reply she proudly proclaims "wif you mama?" Oh baby, yes, with me. You can count on it. I then added "just not anytime soon, honey OK?"

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