Wednesday, February 4, 2009

500th Post

My goodness, can you believe it? Here I am composing my 500th blog post. Who knew after such a short amount of time, I would come to love blogging and even kind of become obsessed with it. Thank goodness for the persistence of my friend Merranda.

So I thought and I thought about what I would like my 5ooth post to be about - and decided this. It is going to be about me. A run down on my life, my beliefs, my emotions, and my craziness. So here goes.

I am a 31 year old mother of two small beautiful little girls. Mattea is turning 4 this Friday and Paloma turned 2 on New Years Eve. They keep me busy and entertained. I love them dearly. They challenge me beyond belief but I am so honored to be called their mother. I married the man of my dreams on Sept 7th, 2002. After meeting at Outback Steakhouse in Onalaska, WI during our senior year of college, we packed a UHaul and headed to New Mexico right after graduation. It is where our journey would begin.

David was such an amazing man from the moment I met him. Despite smelling like women's deodorant, he was attractive, serious, funny, and sarcastic all at the same time. After just ending a heartbreaking engagement, I decided after much prayer to become involved. I think Satan was at work during the beginning of our relationship - since our fairytale start almost ended in disaster. But through persistence, we fought to hold on and have been together ever since. We never once "took a break" or "stopped seeing each other." We have been together from the very beginning. But my story didn't start there - so lets back up.

I grew up in LaCrescent, MN. I know - LaCrescent where? A very small town where my parents have always lived and continue to live. I graduated high school in 1996 and immediately moved out of my parents home to begin college at University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse. I moved in with 4 other girls - which proved to be a very eye opening experience. I made good relationships and I lost relationships during that first year. I learned a lot about my self. Our broken down house that we resided in cost us $60.00 a month and had a potty in the kitchen. Crazy huh? I started out as a Pre-Pharmacy major at the University but quickly realized I was not "smart" enough for the program. Working two jobs and trying to make it on my own - I just couldn't devote the time to the chemistry that I needed. It was after that first year was complete, I transferred to Viterbo College to pursue a degree in nursing.

When I transferred schools, I realized a very good friend of mine from high school was just starting the nursing program as well. Naomi and I stuck it out, studied our hinders off, and had a bunch of fun during the next four years. I am so glad and honored that I was able to graduate alongside of her in 2001.

Not long after graduation, Dave and I headed off to New Mexico where I happened to land a job at the University of New Mexico Hospital in Labor & Delivery - high risk Labor & Delivery might I add. I was way over my head and found myself sad, frustrated, and hating nursing. But during this first year I met two amazing friends whom I miss dearly - Dena and Michelle. All of us continue to be nurses - each branched out in different areas. We still joke and laugh about that first year of nursing and how we were so grateful that we never killed anybody - on accident of course.

On Sept. 7, 2002 Dave and I flew back to LaCrosse, WI to celebrate before family and friends our wedding. I was fortunate to have some close friends fly in and witness the event. It was a memorable day & although I had wanted to elope, the memories are priceless.

From there, life just continued to happen. I continued to work, Dave and I bought a house, celebrated anniversaries, bought a couple of dogs. Soon it was May 2004 when we realized we would be parents for the first time. Completely overjoyed, our focus quickly shifted to preparing our family for the arrival of our first daughter. After Mattea was born in Feb. 2006, I continued to work, Dave continued grad school, and we continued to fall deeper and deeper in love with our baby girl.

It wasn't long before we were planning for baby number 2 who arrived on Dec. 31, 2006. Paloma was a spitfire from the beginning but sweet and lovable nonetheless. The summer of 2007 was busy as we were enjoying our new baby, selling our house, moving cross country, finishing grad school, changing jobs, and managing 2 year old tantrums. Stressful it was, and when I look back I will say that I'm suprised I survived. But we did....

And that is basically where we leave off. We have been at our new home now for almost 2 years. We love it here - more than we can possibly explain. It is a fabulous part of the country and we are blessed that God steered us up here. We continue to work (me not as much), enjoy watching the kids grow, and are finally starting to take time to enjoy each other again. It has definitely been a roller coaster of a ride these last few years but through it all we remain blessed. We have made some great friends and found an amazing church that has provided so much love and support. I am truly in the most "perfect" place in life.

Of course, I have omitted quite a bit of my life over the last few years - some on purpose and some for the lack of time and space. But in a nutshell, that is me. I am a crazy blessed lady who is loving on life right now. So happy reading my friends. Thanks for continuing to follow my blog - some daily. I love it. Feel free to take this opportunity to "delurk" and leave me a comment. I love reading your thoughts and ideas and I love knowing who is "peeking" at my blog. Thanks to all of you who have been with me on this incredible journey.


Kim said...

500 already! It's so hard to believe--thanks for starting your blog. I love to see what the girls are up to!

Anonymous said...

Heather- I love your blog! Happy Belated Birthday to Mattea! Wow, the big 4. It's hard for me to believe that Hannah is going to hit 5 soon! Thanks for the anniversary card!

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