Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mattea Moment

Tonight, the girls and I dove into creative play after dinner. And of course, when my girls are involved, something funny is bound to happen.

After playing "preschool" Mattea asked me if we could play "hospital." I said sure and she demanded that she be the patient. I pleaded with her saying "I'm always the nurse." But I did not win. So she went to lay down in her makeshift hospital bed in her cozy little cottage house and waited for her nurse (me) to come. When I came over to assess my patient, this is the conversation that followed:

Me: Hi little girl, what is your name (as I am digging in my medical bad for my stethoscope - my Littman nonetheless)

Mattea: Mattea

Me: What seems to be the problem today Mattea. (Lately diagnosis of choice has been a broken leg for both girls.)

Mattea: I have a baby coming out of my tummy.

Whoa! Wait - stop - rewind. What!!!!! Dumbfounded. I stopped, looked at her and with a blank expression and drool falling down my face, I said, "You what?"

Mattea: I have a baby coming out of my tummy -with a little snicker.

Me: Oh, well that is a problem. I'll help you Mattea.

Then I asked her who told her she had a baby coming out of her tummy. Because there are two pregnant moms at preschool I thought maybe she was curious about them, or I considered her rehashing the dreadful days when I had a baby in my tummy.

She looked right at me after I said "Mattea who told you you have a baby in your tummy?"

Mattea: Loma (Paloma) did.

Paloma: I did - I did. I have a baby toming out a hole in my tummy toooooo!

I just started laughing - snorting actually and the kids followed suite. How in the world was I going to explain this to their father.


KLRieber said...

I love it!!! How funny/cute it that?? Those girls sure are a handful, but a wonderful one at that!

Kim said...

Hmm . . . that sounds like a request to me! The girls want a little brother :-)