Monday, December 21, 2009

Paloma's Plug

Today I took the children to see the Veggie Tales movie that was showing at the local "cheap theater." A friend of mine called me last night to inform me that the movie was playing this morning and admission was free with a canned food item.
With David out of town, I jumped all over that. (A chance to get out of the house, a chance to contain my children in a movie theater, a free movie.....)
It was Mattea's second time in a theater and Paloma's first. They were both so excited and I was excited for them.
Anyways, we went and had a good time hanging out with friends and watching the good old Veggie Tales.
Mattea followed the story a little bit - Paloma, not at all. She hung out on my lap the entire time eating snacks. She behaved well but only laughed when those around her laughed.
At lunch, we were sitting around the table eating and I asked Mattea what her favorite part of the movie was. She told me "when the girl was singing" which I thought was sweet because it happened to be the part where the nun was handing out food to the poor. She described how she was happy in her heart and had a desire to help others. I then turned to Paloma and asked her what her favorite part of the movie was (totally expecting her to say something crazy - as she always does).

Her response: "sitting with you momma."

I just about melted. She just totally enjoyed hanging out and sitting in my lap. That girl surprises me sometimes and today was one of those times. I told her that was my favorite part too.

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Kim said...

What a sweet heart! Those are the times that take your breath away--I'm so looking forward to those moments as the boys get older :-)