Thursday, December 17, 2009

Craft Project Gone Wrong - or Right

Paloma discovered her paint set the other night and begged me to do some painting. Since it was close to cleaning day, I was happy to oblige. I am impressed at how far Mattea is coming on her artistic abilities. I've been a little worried since she seems to not really exhibit any interest. She likes to scribble, not taking any time to stay in the lines. But as I let her go and "get creative" this is the picture that she produced. Pretty cute huh? At least I think so.

It didn't take long for the painting project to get totally out of control. And to be truthful, I took part in the nonsense too - flinging paint at Paloma and dabbing Mattea's nose with a dainty dab of pink paint. It was OK though because Crayola makes cleanup easy.


Kim said...

I start to have an anxiety attack looking at those last few pics. Glad it was an easy clean up:)

Kim said...

That's what life is all about--enjoying the crazy moments and not worry about how to clean it all up! Looks like a blast!