Monday, December 21, 2009

The Best Little Camel Hump Around

Mattea was so darn excited a few weeks back when she came out of preschool one day. "Mama, I'm a camel hump." My response, "no honey, your not a camel hump, your Mattea Dean."

"No mooooom, I"m a camel hump in the Christmas program." Sure, I knew exactly what she was talking about all along. Last year she was a sheep, this year a camel hump. Not sure what my daughter is doing all day in class to deserve such awesome parts. Just kidding, we are proud to have the best darn camel hump in the west residing in our house.

(See my little camel hump on the left - isn't she adorable?)

This year's Christmas program at The Children's Academy was a success. Mattea and her classmates all looked beautiful and they did an amazing job. The songs and scripture they recited was amazing. I stand back in wonder at those teachers. They manage to organize that entire program - directing several 4-5 year olds to sing, speak, walk, and march on cue. I can't do that with two of my own kids. Nonetheless...

We were excited to see our little girl perform at her very last Christmas program at this preschool - a bit sad for this weepy mom.

Good job Mattea, you were amazing.

After this performance, I think your headed to Broadway.

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Kim said...

Congratulations on doing a stellar job, Mattea! Wish we could have seen it!