Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Fondue

At our house, holidays are always a little bit "nontraditional." Because we don't have family to travel and see or big meals to prepare, our little family of four likes to be creative and make our own little holiday traditions.

This year we decided that we would fondue for Christmas. Sounding like a good idea at the time, Dave ran out to buy the pots. I ran out to buy the veggies, fruit, bread, cakes, and other ingredients.

Let's just say that although we were well intentioned, our fondue idea was a flop ~ at least to the adults. The two recipes we tried definitely need some tweaking. The kids on the other hand, didn't seem to notice the bitter tasting chocolate or the bland pot of cheese. They had a blast.

We had fun watching them have fun. And... they ate some vegetables.

So here is to holiday traditions, and here is to fondueing. May we try it again and be more successful next time than we were this time.

Happy Holidays!

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Kim said...

I love fondue! I haven't had it in years! Looks like fun and you can never go wrong with chocolate!