Friday, December 4, 2009

Meet The New Gymnast

Yesterday marked the very first day of Paloma's gymnastics lessons. Granted, this is a beginner tumbling class offered at the YMCA - but Paloma loved it. My goal is to sign both girls up for "real" lessons after the holidays, but I thought it might be a good idea to test the waters with Paloma before signing her up for the real thing. Mattea has already been through this - she loves it and is super good at it. Well, come to find out Paloma has some hidden talent as well.

She blew me away yesterday for her remarkable ability to catch on at such a young age. Granted, she is only 2 and her skills are simple, but wow! She jumped right on that balance beam without looking back. She had great balance and even surprised me with that task of bending down to touch the beam without falling. She stumbled a bit but caught herself with a great recovery. Her forward rolls look nice - in need of a little work on backwards rolls. I'm so excited to see what the real classes bring. I may have the next Olympic athlete on my hands.....

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Kim said...

I love that they both have an interest and talent for gymnastics!! I'll take all the credit for that--they get it from Aunt Kim :-)