Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas ~ 2009

What a truly magical Christmas we had this year. Although Santa didn't magically appear through our fireplace, there was magic to be had - relatively speaking that is - remember we don't believe in magic.

I wish I could bundle the excitement and energy that we experienced and bring it out each year. The kids were beside themselves with joy at the thought of once again celebrating our Savior's birth. We had cupcakes, songs, treats, presents. What a birthday party it was. It wasn't quite the Fancy Nancy party Paloma will have in a week but I'm pretty confident Jesus would be happy. Paloma was beside herself with joy - and pure delight. She danced around all evening yelling "I so excited, I so excited."
The girls received minor gifts - many recycled, to which they still don't know the difference. To them, it didn't matter, they were simply caught in the moment. Dave and I sat back and simply smiled at how truly special this holiday season is. The foundation of our belief system rides on this very evening - the evening unto which our Lord was born. In a not so posh place (stinky to say the least) in the least favorable conditions, Jesus was delivered into this world. Amazing!

These photos do not do the night justice. All I simply can say is that you had to be there. There was no Santa, no reindeer, no plate of cookies, no magical sleigh rides - just our girls, our family, a few gifts, and a whole lot of love and appreciation for what the season really means.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Jesus. We love you and can only hope that we celebrate you even more in 2010 that we did in 2009. We can't wait until your party next year.


Kim said...

The girls look beautiful all dressed up! Glad they enjoyed their recycled gifts. Although he didn't say it, Bennett was definitely feeling the excitement this year. He even started opening gifts for other people!

Kim said...

I just watched your slide show about 6 times with Bennett--he's so funny! I love that he recognizes all of you and calls you by name :-)