Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday To You!!!!!

Happy Birthday sweet child of mine. What a magnificent day it is. I continue my posts on all things Paloma - why? Because she is the birthday girl! We have had a fun morning already and are now preparing to head off to the theater to watch "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs." She is so excited. Later it will be cake time, gift time, and just celebrate Paloma time.
For now, I'm continuing to stroll down memory lane. So here is Part 2.

Paloma's first few days were spent differently than Mattea's. First of all, they were noisier, more chaotic and were spent hanging out in a suitcase instead of mommy's arms. Yep - hyperbilirubinemia plagued my sweet girl until we were forced to put her under phototherapy - which she HATED! But at least her sweet dog Kody stood guard the entire time.

Oh and then came all the hugs, kisses, and help from big sister Mattea who was thrilled to finally have her home.

What a cute set of girls I have!

And of course, the sleepless nights started almost immediately. But what we would soon find out is that they never really stopped. Experiencing breathing problems and reflux from the beginning, both mommy and daddy would realize that once Paloma came home, sleep became NONEXISTENT!

But who needs sleep when you have these beautiful blue eyes staring at you. Starting off as not quite the "cutest" baby, Paloma has definitely evolved into a gorgeous little girl. We love you Paloma and are so proud of you. You keep us smiling and you keep us laughing. (You also have raised our blood pressure - but we aren't going to mention that in this blog post!) May you continue to fill our hearts and house with the joy and laughter that you have already provided. You are developing into such a sweet young lady. What a blessing you are.

God bless you baby girl!!!

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Kim said...

I don't remember seeing many pictures when Paloma was little, so some of these were new for me! I love the ones of the girls together. You worry that they won't click or won't like each other, but I'm amazed daily at the bond and love between the boys. Wow!