Saturday, June 13, 2009

She Bit Me

Paloma has been having a rough couple days as she is behind sleep, has a cold, and is getting one of her '2 year molars.' Yes, she is past 2.5 but that is a mute point. So she has been kind of a bear to be around. Nonetheless, we've put up with her and tried to provide as much love and TLC as we can manage all while secretly wanting to throw her in a sound proof room.
Well, bedtime finally came the other night and of course she was whining and fussing about something. Dave patted her back to sleep and came downstairs to talk. After a few minutes, Paloma let out this blood curdling scream and began crying. Dave and I drew straws over who would head up and find out what was wrong this time. Dave won and so he headed upstairs and all I hear come out of his mouth was "WHAT!" A few minutes later he comes waltzing back downstairs and I asked him what was wrong. He busted up laughing and said she told him that her "baby bite me."
Yep - really, her baby bit her. She truly believed she was being attacked by her chubby little baby who happens to be getting teeth as well. Dave swears this is the first sign of schizophrenia but I have since calmed his fears. We have restricted her from taking baby to bed though - with good reason.

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Kim said...

What kind of dolls do you let her play with ???? Just kidding! Although I had a moment where I pictured the Chucky doll from Child's Play :-) Poor kid--give her and extra hug and kiss from Aunt Kim!