Monday, June 22, 2009

Mattea Moments

This would be Mattea's prayer tonight after coming home from a disastrous trip to Goodwill where Paloma not only pooped her pants and had to throw away her Tinkerbell underpants but literally had one of those ridiculous two year old tantrums in which she threw herself on the ground and banged her head up and down until she had imprints. Mattea sat back in awe as her sister literally lost it and turned into an embarrassing, dreadfully annoying, screaming, kicking, uncontrollable 2 year old.
As we were walking to the car, I reminded Mattea to ignore Paloma and her behavior. She asked me why people were staring and I did my best to provide an explanation over the crying in the backseat. Needless to say, Paloma came right home, brushed her teeth and went straight to bed.
I spent some extra time with Matty reading, enjoying snacks, etc. Finally, it was time to wind down and say prayers. After praying for her mommy and daddy and 'all her things' she then prayed....
oh and Jesus, i pray for my sister's tantrums and to stop people staring - AMEN

In my head - 'dear Jesus, I am desperately praying for Paloma's tantrums as well, and if you could do something about all of those people staring - that would be great


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather,

Mattea is an amazing little girl, although I'm sure you already know that! What is with our 2nd children? At least it keeps us praying! Hang in there!

The Fengs

Kim said...

What a great prayer!

Anonymous said...

We are having similar episodes here as well. Alberto does not understand why is sister is yelling and screaming. But he does like waving at everyone as they stare!