Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Belated Father's Day

Because I had to work an evening shift on Sunday and because Dave was traveling to California on Monday, we chose tonight to celebrate Father's Day. The presents were bought, the girls were dressed, daddy was hungry and so after a brief gift opening, off we set to have an enjoyable night out as a family.......

The girls were excited to have daddy come bounding through the door this evening. They had been waiting all day to give him his presents. He got some hunting clothes, a book, and a few new shirts - along with some elk jerky the girls personally picked out themselves.

This is Paloma right after daddy offered to share some of his jalapeno elk jerky with her. "Me no like that..."

My beautiful family....

We decided to try a place we had never eaten before. Highly recommend it for all of you who read my blog and know where I live. What a quaint little place. As you will see in the next pic, Mattea got to make her own pizza while Paloma was groovin out to some live music.

Watching as her pizza was taken from the table to the oven.

We then headed over to the community fountain and let them splash around for awhile - that is until Paloma biffed it, fell backwards, and hit her head on the cement. We all heard the thud as she went down. I swear that child must have at least a half dozen skull fractures by now. That was the end of fountain time. It was then off to the coffe shop for happy hour and 1/2 priced drinks - frappes all around. Now the children are nestled quietly in their beds and mommy and daddy are wishing we could be there as well.

Happy Father's Day David - You truly are 'Husband Of The Year.'


Kim said...

Where is that Pizza Place? Is that the one down in East Boise? Is it expensive? That looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

I absoulutely love this picture on a card or something. --April

Anonymous said...

I absoulutely love this picture. Should be on a card or something. --April