Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Political Post

Some political strategists question how Republicans can get traction when two pillars of their message -- family values and fiscal rectitude -- have been undermined by errant politicians' transgressions, and by the collective failure of GOP leaders to control spending when they held the White House and Congress.

By Dan Balz
Washington Post

Yep, guess the Republican Party has a lot of explaining to do huh?

The above paragraph was taken from an article published in the Washington Post after Governor Mark Sanford publicly apologized for leaving the country and heading off to Argentina nonetheless, to participate in an extramarital affair. And this comes only one week after Republican Senator John Ensign also admitted to having an affair.

So much for family values.


Kim said...

This is why I have become a democrat in the last 12 years :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because Bill Clinton is such a great role model.