Monday, June 8, 2009

Paloma's Plug

Tonight as we were getting ready to put the girls to bed, Dave and I decided we would do family prayer time instead of individual prayer time. We got the girls in a circle and explained the 'rules.' (We've done this before, but the girls needed a gentle reminder that prayer time is not screw around and be silly time) I opened and then shouted out Mattea's name who prayed so nicely and then she passed it on to daddy who then prayed and passed it on to Paloma who was entirely too busy sucking her thumb to concentrate on praising God. David asked her "Paloma, Loma, what are you thankful for." Me in the background saying "Paloma take your thumb out of your mouth and tell God who your thankful for." Finally she speaks up...

"Nobody - just mush." And that concluded our family prayer time. So, what do you think God's expression is when he looks down and sees His child saying something like that. I imagine as I became annoyed He let out a gigantic belly laugh. After all, it is kind of funny.

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