Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mattea Moment - AGAIN

I kid you not - this is the exact conversation - word for word - between Mattea and I about 20 minutes ago as she was getting ready for bed.

I lifted up my dress and was gasping at my sunburned belly when Mattea smiles at me and says
Mattea: "Mom, are you having another baby?"

Me: "NO"

Mattea: "Mom, are you having another baby?"

Me (adamantly this time): "NO, why would you say that?

Mattea: "Because of your big, big belly"

Are you frickin kidding me?


Kim said...

Oh, Mattea! She should come to my house and see what a big, big belly looks like :-) Maybe she's trying to convince you of something????? I wouldn't mind being an auntie again!

Anonymous said...

It's not just you! My kids have done the same thing to me! What is with kids these days?

The Fengs