Friday, June 19, 2009

Precious Paloma

Isn't it amazing how fast children can grow? Wow - time has flown by. It has been the last couple of weeks that I've really noticed a sharp maturation in both of my children. There will be some posts to follow on that but in all seriousness, sometimes I catch a glimpse of them from across the table and I'm amazed at the changes in their faces or their expressions. Language is evolving quickly around our house and feelings are being expressed. Paloma is constantly telling me she is fwustrated (frustrated).

I am a mom who loves the past & does not want to forget the past but also very much looks forward to the future. There is a twinge of sadness as I look over how cute Paloma was or the smiles that I so infrequently captured. But, each passing day is a day closer to the life that God has prepared for them. I love watching them grow and develop into the toddlers, girls, women, wives, mothers that God will eventually mold them in to be. Amazing thoughts if you think about it. I am constantly reminded that these sweet children are not mine but actually temporary residents within my life. They are with me for such a short time and the dreams and goals that I have for them do not stand in comparison to the plans their Father has prepared for them.

Here's looking to the future but taking a glimpse into the past.


Kim said...

She has changed so much and I'm sure you don't always see it since you're with them every day. Some day, it seems like they'll never grow up--but some days it seems like their childhood is just flying by!

Michelle said...

Thank you for speaking such Truth!