Monday, September 8, 2008

What We Did Tonight

Daddy - Can you guess what we did tonight after dinner?

You guessed it! The girls and I packed up after dinner and a tea party and headed out to our new favorite hangout - Yogees! Judge me if you will - but I control the amount of ice cream they have and exactly what toppings go on. Some nights it is fruit loops and strawberry ice cream - other nights it is not. We had a blast, the kids got a whopping dose of sugar, and I got some great memories - who could ask for more?

David - did you really think that we wouldn't go? We missed you - Mattea picked out a seat for you.


Anonymous said...

Looks good ladies, I sure hope you'll have some in the freezer when I come home!!



Hansen Household said...

Is that place pretty good? I have passed by it many of times, but never have taken the time to stop in.

Kim said...

What a fun girls night out! Glad you had a great time and good treats!!