Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pray With Paloma

Paloma is now 20 months and absorbing absolutely everything like a sponge. She is watching and mimicking her big sister - and even me on occasion - ooops. Well, I guess I didn't realize exactly how much she is really taking in until last night. We were sitting around the dinner table and I decided to work on Mattea's Bible verses. We have currently been working on...
Love is patient, Love is kind &
God made the world, and everything in it
I started by saying, "Mattea what are your Bible verses?" Paloma chimes in... "in it" Confused at first, I realized she was trying to recite Mattea's Bible verses. So I helped her out a little

Me: "Paloma, God made the......"
Paloma: "wooooorld"
Me: "and everything"
Paloma: "innnnn it"

Me: "Love is...."
Paloma: "tatient" (my children have a problem with 'p' and 'c & k')
Me: "Love is..."
Paloma: "tind"

I had a total mommy moment. She is getting it - finally getting it! I love this current age/stage.


MerrandaVK said...

Your lil' P is too cute. Makes me want another lil girl.

KLRieber said...

How precious! I miss those rugrats!

Kim said...

Yeah, Polly!