Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And The Winner Is....

Courtney - you are the official winner of the first ever Living La Vida Loca blog contest. Congratulations. Many of you were close but Courtney hit it dead on. Yes, officer "stick in the mud" clocked me going 80 in a 65. In all fairness though, I was speeding.

Courtney - I'll be sending you out a gift certificate (bare with me though- I work the next two days in a row). I promise I'll be sending it your way. Thanks to all who participated.

And for all of you who really thought that the picture I took was the speed I was going - so silly. I wouldn't be that obvious. David felt it necessary to document the event after the fact. That is what the cruise control was set on the entire rest of the trip to Milwaukee.

1 comment:

the byrd family said...

yay!! i'm so excited, i never win anything!!

that was fun, having a contest is a great idea! but i think i'll do a contest on a different subject :)