Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Making Salsa

Here is a step by step recipe for making salsa - Idahoan style!

Step 1 - Send your youngest daughter out to the garden to pick fresh onions and jalapenos.

Step 2 - Send your eldest daughter out to the garden to pick fresh tomatoes.

Step 3 - Give your children a bath while you husband cuts up all of the fresh "organic, all natural" vegetables and throws them together in a bowl.

Step 4 - Watch husband blend everything together in the new and most wonderful food processor.

Voila!! D's special salsa in both mild and zesty.


Kim said...

Well, that sounds so easy! Can I substitute my son for your daughters when he gets older, or do the vegetables have to collected by girls?? :-)

MerrandaVK said...

Can I come over?? I'll bring Margaritas??

nurseheather said...

Perfect - you'll get the first invitation for the official salsa party

Hansen Household said...

Yummy! That looks delicious. We are waiting for the invite to the next salsa party.