Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hats & More

Recently, I have had a couple inquiries about the hats that you can most often find both of my girls wearing. We are a huge hat family - for a couple different reasons.

1) Hats are fun
2) Hats are fashionable
3) Hats can hide the hair that you didn't get a chance to brush or style that morning.

Both of my children don't necessarily mind having their hair done, but they don't exactly like it either. I think it was my husband who began the hat phase before he learned how to style Mattea's hair. He still has a bit of a problem putting pig tails in Paloma's hair in the morning so most often he is the first to grab a hat. But that isn't to say that I don't rely on the convenience as well. I also really try to foster independence and allow my children the freedom to think for themselves (within boundaries of course). Hats allow the kids to feel like they are really making a big decision about the finishing touches on the days attire. I have happened to get almost all of my hats at either the consignment shops, Goodwill, or the Dollar Store (believe it or not.)

I have converted my downstairs bathroom into what I like to call our Kid Station. Before leaving in the morning, each child is required to hit the station to pick out shoes, a hat, and a sweatshirt and jacket if needed. When we arrive home they are also required to stop at the station and return all of the articles back to their original place. Of course, this does not make my bathroom a top ten on the Parade of Homes tour, but it is definitely functionable - which is what I'm all about these days.


Kim said...

What a cute idea!

MerrandaVK said...

I need a good spot like that. We have the worst entry way in our house and our mud room is so small, that they fight and step over each other - ugh!! but I may have to install one of those hook things. It would surely help things out!

Ethny won't wear hats, she won't wear barrets, she won't wear pig tails, so I am left with my free flowing blondy who usually has food in her hair. sigh..