Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mattea Moments

Today - Mattea had a couple humorous things to say. Read along for a good laugh.

At the park, I was pushing the girls on the swings. I did a couple of "underdogs" for them which they absolutely love. I happened to push Mattea quite high and all of a sudden she yells out through her giggles
"That was a big under cat"
Wait - what is she talking about. I couldn't help but laugh.

The second funny moment came this afternoon when her and Paloma came in from playing outside, gardening, and painting the house and patio with water. It was really warm today and both girls were kind of sweaty. While washing their hands for dinner, Mattea says "Look Mom, I'm so sweaty."
I responded "Yes, honey it is warm outside. It's Ok to be sweaty."
She then out of nowhere says "It is so funny when your panties are sweaty" and then proceeds to finish washing her hands and get ready for dinner. Didn't even skip a beat, meanwhile I'm laughing hysterically.


KLRieber said...

I have a feeling that Mattea would have been a perfect candidate for the old TV show "Kid's Say the Darndest Things"...

Kim said...

I love to hear her comments. The great thing--she probably has NO idea what she's saying so darn funny!