Monday, June 9, 2008


Yes - Yes - these two hooligans belong to me. I claim them! I proudly step forward to say "these are my children." I lost the 'Mother of the Year' award many years ago - so to be quite honest, I gave up trying to win a second nomination. Therefore, I find freedom in letting my children look however they may want - gone are the days when my one and only child was perfectly dressed, with matching shoes, hair combed, teeth brushed, diaper cleaned, matching jacket, etc. When my second child entered this world - oooh how life changed. Life for me now is making sure my children are dressed (matching no longer applies), brushing their teeth (not always getting around to mine), diaper on (no longer has to be clean - just need one in place), hair clean (brushing, combing, and styling are optional). I have succumbed to that fact that this is my life and if I must enter the public setting with these two monkeys - I might as well walk proudly instead of trying to run to the next aisle.


Kim said...

I love it! They are too cute! Maybe not to you sometimes, but I can definitely enjoy their crazy attire! Paloma is too darn cute with those glasses upside down!!

the byrd family said...

right there with ya sista!!

we are lucky if we ever change out of our pjs and into "daytime" clothes! and when we's madness! but, hey, we have to pick our battles right?! i figure, they are girls, have a little fun and let them pick out their own clothes!!