Friday, June 13, 2008

Say Cheese....

At our house, "Say cheese" can have several different meanings. If you hear those words coming out of Mattea's mouth - well you better be ready to smile. If you hear "cheese" sneak out of Paloma's mouth, you better be armed with food. It is oh so evident that we have Wisc. DNA. Wow - we go through a lot of cheese. It is even customary for David to have fresh homemade cheese curds shipped to us every year on my birthday. Spoiled - yes! While the cheese we get now is sure not like the stuff that squeaks in you mouth back home, it is evident that it still tickles Paloma's taste buds.


MerrandaVK said...

Ha! Dave gets you cheese curds from WI? that's too funny. It's funny that I don't even think twice about them.

Love your cute lil' cheese eater!

Oh, and your talented lil' picture taker too.

Dena :) said...

Kayleigh saw the girls and kept saying "there's my baby, there's my baby"... my girls think that your girls have grown up waaaaayyyy too fast! They are beautiful. They have both changed so much.