Friday, June 27, 2008

I think It Is The Wind...

Yesterday afternoon was brilliant. I have been working hard after the kids go to sleep so that I can have free time to myself during nap times. Free time lately has been spent lounging in the sun, sipping my diet coke, watching my veggies grow, and admiring our back yard. Anyways, I'm laying out enjoying the suns magnificent rays when Mattea slams open the patio door and with a look of dishevelment says "Hi Mama!" Oh so cute. She had stinky breath but I couldn't help but give her lots of kisses. We sat down on the lounge chair and began chit chatting. Suddenly we hear a noise - the ice cream truck. Literally Mattea stops mid sentence and begins to search our backyard (as if the ice cream man was magically going to appear in our backyard)
Mattea: With a look of happiness on her face she says "Mama, do you hear that?"

Me: Playing dumb - "Hear what honey"

Mattea: "I think it is the ice cream man"

Me: "I don't hear anything honey" - so hoping the obnoxious sound of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star would fade.

Mattea: Continues to look around, trying to process what she was hearing and secretly hoping I hear it too. "I think it is, it is the ice cream man."

Me: "Sorry honey, I don't hear anything"

Mattea: "Oh, I think it is the wind"

Because I didn't want her to think she was going crazy, I told her I was teasing and that I heard the ice cream man too. That is when she proceeds to tell me about how the ice cream man always visits when "my daddy" is here. And how they get ice cream and go to the park. Dang it - I knew it! Life is so much different when kids can start spilling secrets.


MerrandaVK said...

Ha! It must be a daddy thing. Last time Evan took the kids to the park, I found Culver's containers in the van! I asked Ethny about it and she said... "Daddy got me cchhhocolate!!!"

Cute post :)

Kim said...

Too funny! Wait until they start telling everyone, "my mommy is 30 years old!"