Thursday, June 12, 2008

Computer Time

A super big thanks to my sister Kim for introducing us to a new website for kids - It is really helping Mattea with her letters and numbers. We routinely work on those together but having some special computer time actually breaks up the monotony and provides some added fun and excitement. We also check out They have some fun games and activities. Computer time not only provides Mattea with some good learning experiences, but it also provides me with some much needed quiet time. Technology isn't all bad. Does anyone else have any suggestions for some good, child friendly websites?


MerrandaVK said...

Hey girl! We LOVE Starfall too! Justin and Ethny too use it everyday (well most days). I make them play it for at least 15 mins. before they get to watch any videos. They never complain because it is such a fun site :)

Kim said...

Good! I'm glad you like it!