Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out

I love the day when my little pumpkins get to bite into their first, juicy, butter dripping cob of corn. This weekend marked the first for Paloma. Of course, she had no problem polishing one off. She seemed to like it. I also included the picture that marked this most blessed event for Mattea. Our family loves corn on the cob - but we love watching the mess and splendor that comes with our two children eating it even more. Because of the mess, enjoying corn on the cob is limited to the confines of our own kitchen.

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Dena :) said...

We LOVE seeing pictures of the girls. You cal tell they are sisters, but they are each growing into their own looks! I miss you all so much... maybe Boulder won't be my forever place! Maybe I just thought it started with a "B" - only it was Boise!!

I commented on a scattering of postings - so cruise through! I'm on a roll!

GREAT to talk to you last night. Matt just shook his head.... no comment necessary!