Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

Hoping all you fathers out there had a wonderful weekend this past Father's Day. Our family certainly tried. I'm not sure it was all that relaxing or enjoyable for David who was forced to listen to two screaming, whiny, ornery children just shortly after 8 AM Sun. morning. As the day progressed, the girls did get better. They surprised daddy with two painted pots with new plants for his desk at work.

Both girls decorated a plate for dad which now can be used to serve his favorite desserts.

And dad also got a birdhouse which is what he has been asking for. Mattea was more than happy to head outside and help pour the food in.

Later that evening, we biked over to the local park/splash pad and enjoyed a picnic dinner while the girls got obnoxiously wet. All in all it was a good day. Happy Fathers Day David.


Dena :) said...

Dave looks just as happy as ever to have two of his girls at his side.... the girls look so grown up! :) Dena

MerrandaVK said...

Just catching up on your blog right now. SO CUTE. LOVE little Elmo getting to swing with P!

I also ESPECIALLY love the plate the girls made for Fathers day for Dave. Where did you get that? I'd LOVE to make one of those for Evan's birthday in August from the kids- please share!

lunch ideas? that's always tricky. Ethny will just eat raw vegetables or absolutely anything i put on her plate. Justin who is my picky eater limits himself to eggs and bread/butter or fruit. I am not sure how the kid sustains himself... ugh... oh sometimes we do whole grain tortillas with melted cheese in them, roll-up style.

Love coming to your blog and keeping up with your family.

I also have a big email in the works for you too...

Kim said...

I love the idea of the plants with the pictures! Great idea!