Thursday, June 24, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Due to our recent mono exposure, poor little Mattea has been doing a whole lot of this lately....
I've noticed my sweet baby has been tiring easily, moping around the house, donning dark circles under her eyes for about 2 months now. I passed it off as a growth spurt or possibly overload with the school year ending and a lot of activities going on.

Once school ended and life slowed down, her energy did not increase. After much contemplation I took her in for some blood work that revealed a mono exposure 1-2 months ago. Bingo! So for the next month, we have strict orders to drink plenty of fluids and rest. Rest. Right, this is after her mother has been dragging her off to swimming, gymnastics, forcing her to play with friends at the park even after begging me to come home and nap. Rest. We are now working on it. Wish us luck.

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Kim said...

Oh, man! Poor thing! I hate when the illness is so sneaky. We found out at Landon's 9 month appt. that he had an ear infection--I had no clue!