Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prayer Request

Hi blog readers,
I'm going to take a second while I'm updating my blog and urgently ask you to say a prayer for a little boy tonight who is lying in the hospital as his body is recovering from an unfortunate accident.
It was on Monday night that I learned that an old friend from Albuquerque was on her way with her son to the hospital via helicopter due to some injuries he sustained from a lawnmower accident. From the details we have learned so far, his prognosis looks good but that does not mean that neither he or his family is without pain this evening. There will need to be some physical and emotional healing in the next days/weeks/months. Please take a moment now to pray for little Joseph who is less than 3 years old. His mom's name is Kristina and dad's name is Philip. They are a wonderful couple who could use all of the prayers and encouragement they can get.
Thank you so much.

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