Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Few Thoughts On Mothering

So, since switching up my workout routine and moving from the treadmill to the stair stepper, I have now managed to read 3 new parenting books with the start of a fourth today. I love it. I'm working up a sweat while reading, worshipping God on my IPOD, and learning all I need to know about raising good kids - ha! Talk about multi-tasking. Anyway, the new book I started today is one that I already have read. It is called The Mommy Manual by Barbara Curtis.
I read this book back when I first started the parenting journey and thought it was about time to dig it out for a refresher. I knew there was a reason too. The first few chapters did wonders for my psyche this morning. I would love to pass along a few tidbits.

(All quotes are taken from the book by Barbara Curtis)

"God is smiling at us, you know. He appreciates the job mommies do."
What a sigh of relief. When the day approaches and it feels as if nobody around us appreciates the job we do (ie children, husband, coworkers, boss, friends, neighbors) we can take comfort in knowing that God appreciates what we do!

"God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called."
This is a relief since on most days I feel most inadequate in raising these two beautiful little girls. Heck, who gave me permission to do this. I feel like I should be saving for future counseling sessions. It is good to know that on days of trial we can turn to Christ for guidance. No parenting book will quite do what my Creator can do.

"Open your eyes and try to see your imperfect children the way God sees them - each as a remarkable bundle of possibilities, with many of those possibilities dependent on you for release."
Amen to this one. For the longest time, my children's annoying habits seem to bother me and almost make me cringe - like nails on a chalkboard. But through some insight and a change in spirit I have come to appreciate who my children are and who they are going to become. For instance ~ Mattea. We were told during her first year of preschool that she was messy. And you know what, she is. She has food on her face, on the floor, on her clothes, and even in her hair. It drives Dave and I nuts. We have been working and working with her and finally I said STOP. She is her own person. She does not pay attention to detail. She is wild and flamboyant and eventually she will learn that pancake syrup in her hair is not a good choice. But I kind of believe she will always be that person in the group that you go out with who leaves the restaurant with a stain on her shirt. Come on, you know what I'm talking about it. There is always one in the group that ends up spilling. That is my Mattea.

So here are just a couple of interesting ideas I've found from my new book. I can't wait to hit the gym Monday and see what else Barbara has to share with me. I'll definitely be sure to pass it along......

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Kim said...

Sounds like a great book with some awesome reminders! There are just some days I don't feeling nearly as equipped as others . . .