Monday, June 7, 2010

Paloma's Plug

The other morning, Mattea came prancing down the stairs in her glorious "Cinderella shoes." You know the ones - plastic, high heeled, leg breaking ones. All of a sudden I hear a thud and quickly turn around only to witness my eldest daughter diving down the stairs headfirst and land at the bottom - still conscious. Of course, I jump up and immediately ask her if she was OK - to which she was (I think her pride was bruised though.
All of a sudden, Paloma starts uncontrollably giggling.

Me: Paloma, it is not OK to laugh right now, your sister just fell down the stairs and could have hurt herself.

Paloma: But it's funny mom.

Me: It is not funny Paloma. We don't laugh at people when they hurt themselves.

Paloma: But it is funny when I fall mom.

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