Monday, June 21, 2010

Paloma's Plug

After learning that Mattea is feeling a little under the weather, we had to break the news to her that she was not going to be running in the Main Street Mile (or more than likely wouldn't be running). Mattea then asked me if the "milk race" (or Dairy Days race) was over. I informed her that we had already missed that one. She began crying - hopes crushed because she had her hopes set on running in these races.

As tears streamed down, I told her I was sorry but that I needed her to feel better and concentrate on running it next year. She was especially upset about the Main Street Mile because she learned from her pediatrician that that race involves chasing an ice cream truck for the course of the race and receiving a nice cool treat at the end.

Paloma pipes in and says, "its OK sissy, I will wun (run) for you. I'll get some ice cweam (cream) for myself and for you. I'll run two laps and get you some ice cweam." I then replied, "you'd do that for your sister." Paloma - "yeaaaaah, and then I'd pack some cwackers (crackers) because she isn't feeling well."

I was so impressed. I loved the way Paloma piped in and offered to help her 'sissy.' Made my heart melt. I ran downstairs to tell Dave. He smiled and said, "see H, there is a heart deep down in there." Yes. I guess there is. Some days, I guess it doesn't surface.

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