Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Is The Last Thing We Need....

Meet Ernie & Bert or is it Ariel & Jasmine? Maybe it was Ella & Gracy. Depending on the day of the week, these great new additions to our family are named accordingly. To be quite honest, they change minute by minute and is dependent on what TV show the girls are watching at that time. But since fish don't have to respond when they are called, I let the girls call them whatever they choose.
The girls took part in their local reading program through the library and successfully made it through level 1. One of the prizes for level 1 was a free goldfish. Well, as the guy at the pet store reminded me - they aren't really free are they? Since I didn't have a bowl, fish food, water puration "stuff", decorations, a fish net, etc. These free fish ended up racking up quite the bill when all was said and done, but oh well. The girls loved picking them out and love watching them swim around and make funny faces. I admit - I kind of like them too. Each morning I run downstairs and see if they have survived another night ~ because truthfully, I didn't think they'd make it 24 hours. But they have.
In the unlikely circumstance that they don't the girls are well aware that Ernie and Bert, Jasmine or Ariel may at one point get flushed down the toilet. Circle of life ~ lesson learned early.

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