Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Day Thus Far

God has granted me an extreme amount of patience today. After waking much too early with way too little sleep (due to work and an unexpected toddler in my bed), I rolled out of bed wondering what was in store for me today. Well, it is not even 3pm and this is what I've encountered....

(3) glasses of milk spilled over
(3) different people (myself, Paloma, and Mattea)
(1) glass of Sprite spilled over
(2) different people (myself & Mattea)
(1) unhappy toddler
(585) requests for snacks despite an unhappy tummy by an unhappy toddler
(1) child laying on the floor at the gym this morning
(1) unhappy toddler being disciplined at the gym this morning
(1001) things on my to-do list
(1) item crossed off my to-do list
(3) bills to be paid
(0) minutes so far today to pay those (3) bills
(2) happy meals purchased with fries that were supposed to be apples
(2) unhappy children who ordered apples and received fries
(1) missed Schwann man
(1) slightly increasing headache
(1) large garden that needs tending to
(1) missed shower
(0) minutes so far to take that (1) missed shower
(5000) little leg hair stubbles that badly need shaving
(2) large eyes staring down from heaven watching me scramble like a chicken with my head cut off
(1) tender mouth saying "slow down child, enjoy the blessings I have given you."

Now that my latte is gone, it is 2:58 pm, one child is asleep, one is engrossed in a serious conversation with 5 different barbies, and a rant session now complete - I'm feeling like I could conquer the world (or maybe just the (2) piles of laundry that need folding).

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