Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Little Secret

I have a secret ~ I'd love to share it with you. Promise you won't tell anyone? Pinkie swear you won't judge me? Ok here goes...

I now use my bathtub as my babysitter. You heard me. I used my bathtub as my babysitter. I had heard a few other moms mention that they too put their kids in their several times a day to play, get messy, or simply to mellow them out. Well, this weekend I tried it.

It worked like a charm. I needed to shower and get ready and rather than have them veg in front of the TV, I decided to find a few of their "water safe" dolls, horses, barbies, etc and toss them into the tub for a bath. The girls put their shorts one which later wound up being bathing suits, but who cares. I was able to shower, get dressed, get my hair ready - ha, and do my makeup without interruptions. I bet they were in their playing for at least 45 min.
Now they want to do it everyday - and you know what, so far, I haven't had a problem with it. Yahoo for good ideas!!!!

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