Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mattea Moments

Outside gardening this afternoon, Mattea says to me
"Mom, I still like you even when your bald."

Me: "Thanks Mattea. You know what? I still like you too!"

Mattea: "Mom, I'm so glad you shaved your head for all those kids - you know the kids with cancer."

Me: "That is why we did it isn't it Mattea?"

Lesson - they listen. Our kids listen. Even when we think they aren't listening - they are listening. When I tell them a story - they listen. When I scold them for doing something inappropriate - they listen (they may act like the don't.) When I inform them of a big life decision and my reasons behind doing it - THEY LISTEN.

I love you little M. I love your heart and I love your soul. You are a special little girl. Thanks for still liking me!

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