Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Date Night

Mattea finally received the date night she was promised back in February. I told both girls that for their birthday I would take them to Build A Bear and then out of for some much needed alone time with mom. Since Mattea is in school, it was easy to work Paloma's date in. But with Dave traveling, and Paloma constantly attached to me, Mattea was finding it a bit harder to get hers scheduled.

But last week it finally happened. Dave came home from work a bit early so Mattea and I could head off to the mall for fun times. We started our date night delivering some food for a friend of mine who has now been put on bed rest. Mattea was excited to visit Tracy and drew her about 15 pictures of her and her twin baby girls. She was such a helper. After that we headed down to Build A Bear where Mattea took some time picking out just the right animal. After much contemplation, she chose the puppy ~ whom she named Flower.

She was and still is so excited about this animal. She has yet to put it down. It was really sweet to watch. Whereas Paloma has already tossed her animal aside not playing much with it at all, Mattea covets her animal and is excited to show just about anyone about her "special dog I made with mommy."

Well, making Build A Bears certainly stirs up quite an appetite - so we headed off to the Cheesecake Factory for some dinner. I opened the door for Mattea and her jaw dropped to the floor. She said to me "wow mom, this is fancy." She was in wonder about how nice and fancy the inside of the restaurant was. We even had to visit the bathrooms 3 times because the sinks were so nice. We cuddled in a booth, talked about school, shared some food and then move on to - dessert!

We had a blast digging into our ginormous piece of cheesecake ~ which neither or us really had room for but somehow managed to eat anyway. Mattea was so sweet and thanked me for the "special night." Note to self - must do date nights more often. I no longer can procrastinate and make excuses for not making very special one on one time with my babies. Her face was magical over the next few days as she made sure to tell just about everyone (including teachers, gymnastics coach, friends) about her new friend Flower and how her mommy took her to the "cheese place."

Wonderful set of memories Mattea - thank you!

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Kim said...

Heather ~
That sounds like a great day! So glad you two had some time together alone and I wish I could have joined for the cheesecake!!