Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do You Think She Needs Counseling?

I had my conference with Mattea's preschool teacher this past Wednesday. We sat down and reviewed her testing scores, her strengths and weaknesses, and of course kindergarten prep. I chuckled to myself as we breezed through all of the academic "stuff." Mattea scored well and her teacher had no doubts she'll be successful in kindergarten. And then......

we addressed this:

When asked to draw a picture of herself, Mattea drew this. What the heck is this I asked? Her sweet 70 year old teacher said she was a bit thrown by the fact that Mattea had totally forgotten to include a body or arms to her self portrait but made sure to put eyelashes on her person. She checked the "lacking detail" box on her assessment but then did mention to me that she hasn't had many students (if any) include eye lashes in their self portrait. I'd say that is good detail huh?



Kim said...

Maybe she was reflecting on having no hair like her mother . She is smart because she realized there would just be eyelashes left once the hair is gone. No counseling needed:)

Kelly said...

I have found many pictures I have drawn that have almost that exact same body structure. I guess it would all depend on opinions...but I would say she is doing just fine!!